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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Apache Maven Developer Repostory
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 16:03:25 GMT
I'm not sure if this got onto the maven groups radar.

I'd like to get feedback from the Maven group (or others who have access 
to ibiblio for deploying artifacts).

What is your position on managing/maintain a maven ropository locally 
here on apache servers that will be used to supply the ibiblio mirror 
with all our "Apache Artifacts"?

Are there any "local" Maven repositories in standard locations on 
servers like

-Mark Diggory

Mark R. Diggory wrote:

Re: [maven] developer repostory revisited

> +1 I think this is very important to both automation and consistency in 
> "deliverables".
> -Mark
> Tim O'Brien wrote:
>> I second Matthew's suggestion that we create a repository that works 
>> with Maven as it is.
>> Create the directory /www/, this repository 
>> will contain soft links to jars and other deliverables we wish to 
>> distriute to ibilio and other repositories.  After a certain period of 
>> time, we can ask that whomever maintains the ibiblio repository use 
>> this source as the ASF's authoritative collection of distributables 
>> for Maven.
>> This doesn't prevent others from thinking about other ways to create a 
>> repository - like Ruper, or the ever active repository mailing list, 
>> but it solves a practical problem which is preventing progress for 
>> many..... immediately.
>> Tim
>> __matthewHawthorne wrote:
>>> In this thread:

>>> The idea of a Maven repository located on an ASF machine was discussed.
>>> It seems like something that is doable, and also has been requested by
>>> the ASF.
>>> I would like to make this happen, but I am not sure what the official
>>> steps to take are.  If a request has to be made to infrastructure, I
>>> read that someone from a PMC has to do it.
>>> Here are the steps that I can see:
>>> 1) Choose a machine, and create the directory.
>>> 2) Choose the URL to map the repo to
>>> (something like ?)
>>> 3) Possibly modify Maven to search this repository as well as ibiblio by
>>> default
>>> 4)  Modify nightly build script(s) to deploy to this directory as well
>>> as others, so that all nightlies and SNAPSHOTs could be instantly 
>>> available.
>>> The last time I mentioned this, a few people pointed me to the
>>> project, which seems to be defining a
>>> next-generation repository structure for Maven and other uses.  This
>>> looks great, but I'm interested in something that will work with Maven
>>> right now.
>>> I think this is long overdue, since Apache projects that have been
>>> released for months are still not available on ibiblio.  We need an
>>> easier way.
>>> Anyone else interested?  How can we make this happen?  Thanks for any 
>>> help!
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Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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