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From "Martin Lambert" <>
Subject RE: Download of all remote repository...
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 11:50:37 GMT

I will make the assumption that you have already installed Maven.

If you have a look at the project.xml file in the torque project you will see that there are
dependency sections. These will mostly (if not all) be the libraries that Torque depends on.

Maven checks an area on your disk (local repository) to see if the dependencies are already
available. If a dependency is not available in the local repository, maven will download it
from a remote repository into your local repository. Once a dependency has been downloaded
Maven will not attempt to do it again unless the version section of the particular dependency
is set to SNAPSHOT.

Once all dependencies are available in the local repository, Maven will perform the requested

Hope this is of use,


-----Original Message-----
From: Roberto Simoni []
Sent: 16 January 2004 11:14
Subject: Download of all remote repository...

I'm trying to use ant on my machine (Windows 2000) for the first time.

I'm trying to build torque 3.1 project, but when I press
   'maven jar'
or 'maven -o jar:jar'

maven start to download a lot of jars from remote repo.

I have changed variable maven.repo.remote.enabled to false
 (I've tryed also with ""), but maven says that it can't
proceed because it doesn't have a jar. If I reinsert true to
the variable maven.repo.remote.enabled, maven restart to 
download. I think it try to download all the remote repo content.
I can't permit this, because I will pay 2000 Euro in internet 
connection :-)

I have searched in docs, faq, google & groups...

What I have made wrong?
Can u help me?


Roberto Simoni

Menhir Informatica
Via Carnovali, 90/A
Tel: 035 32.25.28
Fax: 035 42.47.239

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