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From "Scherzer, Georg" <>
Subject subproject trouble
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 09:19:10 GMT
hi all,

that could be an question, which has probably answered often, but I couldn't find something

We have an project, containing of 6 subprojects in subfolders:
  \_ Subproject a
    \_ Subproject b
    \_ Subproject c
    \_ Subproject d
    \_ Subproject e
  \_ Subproject f

Than I wrote on the main-project level a maven.xml, in which a reactor-goal calls all subprojects
(there are only avalon goals in these maven.xmls of the subfolder). Til now it worked fine.
(btw: we using windows 2000 and call maven-rc1 on cygwin, j2sdk-1.4.2_01 or j2sdk-1.4.1)

So, now the tricky thing. I wanted to source out the dependencies-description of the subprojects
into another xml-files, which are placed in the subfolders nearby the project.xml. Probably
subproject b and c have the same dependencies... 
Now the problem: When I call maven on the subfolder for the subprojects, it works fine. When
I call reactor, it will not find the external xml, which I included with the usual "<!DOCTYPE
bla ... >"  ... "&bla;"-mechanism in the project.xml of the subproject. When I give
an absolute path for this file, e.g. to a web-resource on a webserver, than it works fine.
Unfortuately not, when I give a relative path (file:blubber.xml). Than the reactor overwrites
obviously the ${basedir} of the subproject with the path of the mainproject. But I don't want
to set file:subprojecta/blubber.xml. 

Is this a bug or did I forget something? 

btw: It haven't worked with multiproject-goal nor via a "jelly:forEach" and "maven:maven"

Could anyone help?

Thanks a lot


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