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From Vikas Phonsa <>
Subject Multiple Seperate Database Projects
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 21:58:03 GMT

I want to configure Torque (I'm using 3.0) to be able to do the following
functionality and I would appreciate advice and instructions abt how that
could be done:

I have a Torque-Gen folder and when I make a schema (in the schema
subfolder) and modify the properties and stuff and run torque ant script it
generates the java classes and sql under the "src" folder under Torque-Gen.

I want to make separate folders for different databases like Database1,
Database2 etc and put the schema and for each database in
its separate folder. And then specify the location of the Database/folder I
want to work on in the folder, so that the properties and
the schema is loaded from Database folders like from Database1 folder and
also the generated sql and java classes are placed in different folder for
each database.

Could that be done ?

Pls advice.



[Vikas Phonsa] 

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