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From Chad Woolley <>
Subject Auto-generate Ant Script from Maven Script?
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 02:56:43 GMT

I have an application which uses maven as the main build mechanism. 
However, I also maintain a corresponding Ant script which does a basic 
build of my app.  This is to support users who may want to build my app, 
but not go to the trouble of downloading and installing maven.  Also, I 
have in the past encountered a bug where Maven would not perform a 
certain task, but Ant would (yes, I dutifully reported the bug).

My question is:  Has anyone tried to make a simple plugin which would 
generate a basic Ant build script based off of a maven.xml file?

I know that custom plugins, reports, etc. obviously wouldn't be 
supported.  However, it seems possible to generate a basic Ant build 
script containing the classpath, and targets for clean, java:compile, 
test:compile, jar, etc.  This could even read the properties directly 
from and project.xml, to avoid hardcoding 
often-changed values in the generated script.


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