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From Stephen McConnell <>
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 03:23:32 GMT

Jason van Zyl wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 10:34, Stephen McConnell wrote:
>>Product: Maven 1.0-rc1
>>MAVEN_HOME = /java/maven
>>MAVEN_HOME_LOCAL = <not set>
>>During a build, it seems that Maven will ignore MAVEN_HOME when it copies the 
>>result to the repository cache. Instead it copies to ${user.home}/.maven
>First off, what are you trying to do exactly. I don't understand the
>sentence above. 

When Nicols' invokes jar:install the resulting artifact is placed by 
maven in the repository under ${user.home}/.maven.  A unit test 
associated with the build is pulling in resources from that repository - 
but the code pulling is the resoruces is assuming that the repository is 
a %MAVEN_HOME%/repository.  What we need to confirm is the logic 
resolution of the user's local repository based only on the availability 
of the MAVEN_HOME and MAVEN_HOME_LOCAL environment variables.

Current assumptions are something like the following;

    private static String getMavenHome()
        String local =
            Env.getEnvVariable( "MAVEN_HOME_LOCAL" ) );
        if( null != local ) return local;

        String maven =
            Env.getEnvVariable( "MAVEN_HOME" ) );
        if( null != maven ) return maven;

        return System.getProperty( "user.home" ) + File.separator + 

However, Nocols' case suggests either the above assumptions are 
incorrect or something strage is happening in maven.

>Are you talking about a jar:install type operation here?





Stephen J. McConnell

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