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From Mikael Lundgren <>
Subject Ant classpath and Maven repository
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 15:06:55 GMT

yet again what seems to be a simple query but for which I can't find the 

I'm trying to create a maven.xml goal that uses functionality that 
exists in a maven plugin (but which isn't exploited). I did manage to 
change the actual plugin (ie the plugin.jelly file) to alter the 
behaviour in the way I wanted, but changing the plugin like that is not 
what I had in mind.

In the maven.xml file however I can't seem to understand how I can build 
a classpath to the jars that are necessary. The only thing I can come up 
with is adding the plugins i'm interested in to the dependencies in the 
pom... which obvioulsy is't what I intended (this would be done by using 
something along the lines of pom.getDependencyPath(...)).

Oh, btw... I'm trying to add a simple CPD report to my project from the 
PMD plugin... So if anyone already did this... well... I'd be interested ;-)

So, basically what I'm asking is: how do I create a classpath to a 
plugin (or repository) jar from within maven.xml?

/Mikael Lundgren

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