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From Noel Winstanley>
Subject Adding other sources trees for javadoc.
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 13:45:51 GMT
I've got a maven project where, in addition to the src/ and test/ code trees, 
we've added a third tree - generated/ . In here is a bunch of code generated 
using tools such as axis's wsdl2java, and castor. We wanted to keep this away 
from the hand-crafted code, so as not to accidentaly overwrite stuff.

The new source tree is linked into the compile process by adding this 

<!-- hook to add in generated sources -->
<preGoal name="java:compile">
	<path id="generated.src.path" location="${basedir}/generated/java" />
	<maven:addPath id="maven.compile.src.set" refid="generated.src.path" />

which works for compilation and tests. However, the javadoc goal doesn't pick 
this up - is there a path variable I need to kludge to tell javadoc about the 
extra sources? Likewise for cross-referenced sources too.

Thanks in advance,
Dr Noel Winstanley -  01477 572689 
Senior Java Developer, Astrogrid Project.
Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester.

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