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From David Hall <>
Subject Anybody tried using maven with generic java (JSR14) yet?
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 05:04:33 GMT
I'm trying to see if maven will help me maintain a project that uses the 
Generic Java (JSR14) compiler.  Has anyone used this combination yet?

In ant, I use the following task to compile the project:

<target name="compile" depends="init"
        description="Compiles the source to the build directory">
  <mkdir dir="${builddir}"/>
  <javac fork="yes"
    <compilerarg line="-J-Xbootclasspath/p:${JSR14DISTR}/gjc-rt.jar"/>
    <compilerarg line="-bootclasspath ${JSR14DISTR}/collect.jar:${JSR14DISTR}/
    <compilerarg value="-warnunchecked"/>
    <classpath refid="project.classpath"/>
    <src path="${srcdir}"/>

and I use the -D option on the ant command line to define JSR14DISTR and 
J2SE14 (which the generic compiler needs).

Can someone please point me to the place where I can put this information to 
get the project to build?


Dave Hall

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