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From José Luiz Junior <>
Subject little boring things of maven
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 04:17:49 GMT
I love maven, really, I was a heavy ant user that met maven one day.

But Maven has few things that I don't like.

1) The biggest, and I thing that version 1.0 cannot be release without a
patch is: Every jar:jar, ejb:ejb, war:war maven always run test:test. I
did a patch in my maven but it is not an official release...I agree that
we need to run test... But if I change a JSP, for example, I need to
war:war (or war:webapp) to see changes and maven run 3-6 minutes of test
(I have a lot of tests).... A property like test.alwaysrun or
war.runtest will be wonderful.

In jar:jar case is EJB.... I need to generate jar:jar/ejb:ejb to deploy
and see a little change that I did... and 5-10 minutes of test....

2) Other thing is... plugin's default properties are not loaded until I
use the plugin.... I need some values to write other values at

3) And we have ejb:install and it does not have ejb:install-client. I
saw at issue track and I believe that it will be patched.

With admiration and respect,
Jose Luiz Junior, a Maven lover.

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