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From "Craig S. Cottingham" <>
Subject RE: Multiple Seperate Database Projects
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 23:06:31 GMT
On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 16:44, Vikas Phonsa wrote:
> But tell me one thing, if I just change the following properties, wouldn't
> it pick schema from the folder we want and place generated stuff in there, I
> tried but somehow is not working right :

Hmm. That, I don't know; it's a question better suited to a Torque
mailing list. I will add this, though: since Torque expects its
configuration in properties, and properties can be set only once per
invocation of Maven, you can't run Torque twice per invocation with
different properties each time. As a result, I have goals like this in

  <goal name="install">

    <attainGoal name="clean:clean" />

    <ant:exec executable="/usr/local/maven/bin/maven">
      <arg value="generate-hsqldb-ddl" />
    <ant:exec executable="/usr/local/maven/bin/maven">
      <arg value="generate-oracle-ddl" />
    <ant:exec executable="/usr/local/maven/bin/maven">
      <arg value="generate-postgresql-ddl" />
    <attainGoal name="jar:install" />


Craig S. Cottingham

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