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From "Kevin Pearcey" <>
Subject RE: Is it possible to keep unit tests in the same directories as production classes?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 11:38:40 GMT
If we take a step back from the best practice of what source files to put
where this all fits into a general re-occurring theme on this mail list
about maven best practice which the developers really should make a decision
about and enforce within the maven POM:

Should the POM allow complex filepath/fileset definitions or not?

If the syntax of the POM is defined such that a file set can contain
selection rules with one or more file paths then any plugin that doesn't
handle this is broken and should get fixed. If the driving goal of maven
best practice is that source should be grouped under separate directories
then re-write the POM rules to only allow this simple definition - NO
special cases.


Kevin Pearcey

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