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From Dominik Dahlem <>
Subject Re: Multiproject questions
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 20:05:30 GMT
I don't know, if it works but you can try the following:

<j:set var="goal" value="goal1"/>
<attainGoal name="multiproject:goal" />
<j:set var="goal" value="goal2"/>
<attainGoal name="multiproject:goal" />


On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 00:40, Dolf Starreveld wrote:
> I'm relatively new to Maven and multiproject, and I have the 
> following questions that I would appreciate help with:
> I have a single "parent" project for the sole purpose of organization, it does
> not actually produce any artefacts, nor does it have dependencies. It 
> does have many sub directories, one for each project, with its own 
> project.xml, maven.xml etc.
> At the top level I would like to run commands such as:
> maven build-all
> maven install-all
> maven site-all
> etc.
> I realize I need to have appropriate goal definitions in the top 
> level maven.xml.
> - For the top level site-all goal I have the following, which works fine:
> 	<goal name="site-all">
> 		<attainGoal name="multiproject:site"/>
> 	</goal>
> - I would like build-all I would like to use the multiproject:goal approach
>    with -Dgoal=goal1,goal2. I can not find a way, however, to create the
>    property definition needed within the <goal> definition. Do I need to use
>    jelly script or ant task to do this?
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