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From Elias Sinderson <>
Subject Re: uhmm... installation?
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 21:58:52 GMT
FYI, I did the same thing and have been able to build my project without 
any further difficulties. I did, however, enter a bug into Jira as to 
the installation instructions being out of date ...


Lisa Kavanaugh wrote:

>I ran into the same issue, and just skipped that step. I have been cruising
>along since & haven't missed it.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Elias Sinderson []
>Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 9:35 AM
>Subject: uhmm... installation?
>Dear Maven Community,
>Do help me out with this one, I hope I'm not missing something entirely 
>obvious...  (Don't you just love requests for help that start off like 
>this?  ;-)
>I'm attempting to set up maven for the first time. I visited the web 
>page, where I was able to download the latest distribution 
>(1.0-beta-10) without difficulty. I untarred the file, set my 
>environment variables, and attempted to run the command:
>$MAVEN_HOME/bin/ $HOME/.maven/repository
>as instructed on the installation page. Guess what? There is no 
>'' in the $MAVEN_HOME/bin directory! I thought I must 
>have the wrong version, as the instructions clearly state that they are 
>for maven-1.0-beta-8, so I downloaded that version as well and untarred 
>it. Guess what? There is no '' included in that 
>distribution either! Just in case, I also checked the maven-1.0-beta-9 
>distribution as well, and no '' was to be found. In 
>frustration, I downloaded and checked the .zip distributions as well ... 
>no '' to be found anywhere.
>So I checked the FAQ, no help there. I searched the mailing list 
>archives for, but no matches were found... Believe me, I 
>would really like to use this tool but the developers seem bent on 
>making it unnecessarily difficult. I should think that having up to date 
>and accurate installation instructions would be a higher priority than 
>it appears to be. Please respond to this email on the list so that 
>others facing the same issues might find a useful resource where no 
>others appear to be. Until then, I'm off to file a bug in Jira about 
>this glaring oversight...
>For the love of god,
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