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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Cactus plugin 3.1 released
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 20:11:05 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the Cactus plugin 3.1 release!

The Maven Cactus plugin is a plugin for Cactus
( that allows to automatically start 
containers, run Cactus tests and stop the containers.

User-visible changes in this version:

o New cactus:jar-install goal to install the Cactus jar in the local
  repository. This is useful if you wish to put Cactus test classes in
  Maven project and execute the Cactus tests in another project.
o New cactus:jar goal to generate a jar containing the Cactus test
o Added new cactus.tmp.dir optional property to specify a location where

  Cactus will put its temporary files (mostly where it setup containers
  execution). Defaults to []/[containername].
o Generate the Cactus test reports in the Cactus reports directory
  instead of directly in the Maven build directory. This fixes bug
o Updated commons-httpclient dependency to 2.0 rc1, httpunit to 1.5.3
  nekohtml to 0.7.7.
o Added new optional property cactus.weblogic7x.beahome to configure the

  location of BEA HOME for the WebLogic 7.x container. It is only needed
  the BEA HOME location is not the parent directory of
o Added back support for WebLogic 7.x (it had somehow been dropped
  when we moved to the new Cactus/Ant integration in version 3.0).
o Updated to Cactus 1.6dev-20030830 which has fixes for WebLogic 7.x

Note that this plugin has been tested with Maven 1.0 rc1.
Using it with another version of Maven is at your own risks! :-)

You can download the Cactus Maven plugin here:

Have fun!

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