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From Ben Walding <>
Subject Re: org.apache.commons.lang.Strings
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 23:41:01 GMT
(No idea what happened with that first one!)

This is quite odd.

 From my brief excursion into this, commons-util-final.jar does not have 
any calls to Strings. It uses calls to StringUtils.  The Strings class 
has been gone for a long time - commons-lang-0.1-dev

unzip -l commons-lang-0.1-dev.jar | grep Strings
    21452  03-07-02 13:30   org/apache/commons/lang/Strings.class

So... I'd take a look at your $REPO/commons-util/jars/commons-util-final.jar

The one I have has the MD5Sum -
42c089f726327a7f5ae6b2f3278bbd43  commons-util-final.jar

Lester Ward wrote:

>I'm doing a site generate and am getting a failure in the that ends with
>File...... file:/<yadda>/plugins/maven-linkcheck-plugin-1.1-SNAPSHOT/
>Element... linkcheck:linkcheck
>Line...... 73
>Column.... 9
>com.werken.werkz.UnattainableGoalException: Unable to obtain goal [site] --
>file:/C:/Documents and Settings/lward/.maven/plugins
>/maven-linkcheck-plugin-1.1-SNAPSHOT/:73:9: <linkcheck:linkcheck> null
>        at
>        at com.werken.werkz.Goal.attain(
>        at com.werken.werkz.Goal.attainPrecursors(
>        at com.werken.werkz.Goal.attain(
>Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/lang/Strings
>        at org.apache.commons.util.XmlUtils.escapeXml(
>        at
>        at
>        at org.apache.maven.linkcheck.LinkCheck.toXML(
>        at
>        at
>        ... 65 more
>It would seem that my classpath is missing org.apache.commons.lang.Strings.
>One question: where the %&*@ is this class? I assumed it to be in the
>commons-lang jar, but it isn't in any of the ones in my repository
>(including the one that the linkcheck plugin claims to use).
>A quick Google was not particularly helpful. Anyone else solved this
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