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From Ben Walding <>
Subject Re: Noob question: how to deal with non maven jars?
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:54:31 GMT
Now Mike, once you've gathered together all the responses, your 
challenge is to put it all into the wiki in a human digestible form!

For this, you will be rewarded with many riches (or perhaps just a 
feeling of oneness with the Maven documentation).

Start this process at



Colin Sampaleanu wrote:

> You can do something like this in maven.xml:
>  <!-- install the xmltypes jar to the local repo, since people using 
> our main
>       jar will also need that one -->
>  <postGoal name="jar:install">
>    <ant:property name="jardir__" 
> value="${maven.repo.local}/${pom.artifactDirectory}/jars"/>
>    <ant:mkdir dir="${jardir__}"/>      <ant:copy
>      file="${basedir}/lib/core/xmltypes.jar"
> tofile="${jardir__}/${pom.artifactId}-xmltypes-${pom.currentVersion}.jar"
>      overwrite="true"
>    />
>  </postGoal>
> However, whether this is a good idea is another question. In this 
> case, the jar in question is manually generated from stuff in this 
> project, so it makes some sense. But if it is just another jar that is 
> in the local lib dir which is really standalone, and it is not on 
> ibiblio, then you are probably better off defining another remote repo 
> which is actually local (alongside ibiblio), and put the jar there. 
> E.g. in the
> # override remote repo since we want to also point to a cvs based 
> remote repo
> # to get some jars not found at ibiblio
> maven.repo.remote=\
>    file:${basedir}/../../shared/repository,\
> Regards,
> Colin
> Michael Mills wrote:
>> After spending a lot of time looking at (what little) documentation
>> there is and trying out various maven command lines I was wondering how
>> (other than manually creating the dir in the maven.local.repository) you
>> get any old jar that is required for a build into your local repository.
>> If I have a jar: bob.jar that is currently in the 'lib' folder of my
>> project, which is currently using ant to build with that path added to
>> my project.classpath, how do I get bob.jar into my local repository so
>> that I can add the following to my maven project.xml file and get it to
>> compile:
>>    <dependency>
>>      <id>bob</id>
>>      <artifactId>bob</artifactId>
>>      <version>1.0</version>
>>      <type>jar</type>
>>    </dependency>
>> I have tried to use the "maven jar:xxx" goals but they don't seem to
>> work, also "maven repository:xxx" don't work (I have got a local
>> webserver running and maven.repo.remote=http://localhost stored in
>> in the user.profile directory).
>> I would have thought that you could cd to the lib folder and execute a
>> maven command to register bob in the local repository as version 1.0?
>> This does not seem possible.
>> In general I guess I am asking: what process is intended for files that
>> A, are not open source (i.e. in the standard maven remote repo) or B, do
>> not have the associated src files (and hence can not be built by a maven
>> project where you can use "maven jar:install").
>> -Mike
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