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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Re: Newbie: XDoclet plugin does not generate nothing...
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 13:43:04 GMT
On Monday 25 Aug 2003 14:12, Fabrice DELHOSTE wrote:
> Hi *,
> I'm trying to use the Maven XDoclet Plugin 1.2b4 / EjbDoclet with Maven 1.0
> Beta 10. I let almost all default options (and tried other combinations).
> Even if I have files matching the default **/* pattern, it seems
> no Java EJB source is found since I see nothing generated except for an
> empty ejb-jar.xml. I checked several settings but my sources are under
> src/java and my project is very simple and unitary.
> So my questions:
> - is there a sample Maven project running XDoclet(EJB) available?
> - in another scope, are there plans to create a Maven sample J2EE project
> such as the Petstore demo. It would be great to start with for new users (I
> used the small Everest sample to create my project structure).

I have an app that uses Maven and xdoclet/ejbdoclet. Go to

and you can download the source distribution.


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