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From Peter Neubauer <>
Subject Strange variable behavior in comparison
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 08:45:03 GMT
I'm having another trouble with variables and imports.
Setting a variable str=1 in my with
the following goal
<goal name="project:test">
    <!--property file=""/-->
    <!--property file=""/-->
    <j:set var="str2" value="1"/>
    <!--j:set var="str" value="1"/-->
    <echo>${str2} and ${str}</echo>
    <echo>compare ${str == str2}</echo>
    <echo>compare ${str == '1'}</echo>
    <echo>compare ${str == 1}</echo>

gives me

    [echo] 1 and 1
    [echo] compare false
    [echo] compare false
    [echo] compare
Total time:  1 seconds

When I remove the property there and import it from, everything is fine and I get true 3
times. What is going on here? It seems that the
variables are there but they are not compared.
Even if the property is in both files, jelly screws

Any hints how to fix this? Is it a bug?


Peter Neubauer

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