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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Re: Add additional information to the developers info section
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 19:29:29 GMT
Hi Scott,

> I have added the new column in the team-list.xml but I am having problems
> with the new entries I have made in my project.xml file.  I guess I have a
> couple of questions then.
> 1.Does maven validate the project.xml file against the maven-project.xsd
> file each time it executes its goals?

Not sure on that.

> 2.If I add an entry to the schema how can I ensure that when my xdoc plugin
> runs that it 'knows' about the new entry in the project.xml file based off
> the new schema that I have created? I see that the jelly scripts are
> referencing the elements in the project.xml file but I can't get it to
> recognize my new entry.
> I think I am on the right track but if not someone please point me in the
> right direction.

Have looked at it myself as well ... sounded like something that would be very 
useful to have ... I managed to get it to add columns on the resultant report 
yet it wouldn't fill values in (as you found). Delving further into Maven it 
seems that the schema is tied (to some degree) to a Java definition in 
*Seems* like any extension to the POM in maven-project.xsd has to have an 
equivalent attribute in the equivalent class file.

You could either download the source for Maven and head in the above 
direction, or raise an issue in JIRA requesting the extension.


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