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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject JUnit : specification of classpath
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 09:53:31 GMT

as a newcomer to JUnit I've been trying to use it with Maven and I get a 
ClassNotFoundException. No problem ... I expected that one to come up. What I 
really want to know is how do I add jar's to the JUnit classpath with my 
project ?

For background, my project uses JDO so in my dependencies I specify the SUN 
reference implementation (for building that is all that is needed). At 
runtime I need to specify an actual implementation of JDO to run against. 
Really the project is not dependent on any particular implementation of JDO, 
so I have refrained from adding an implementation like Kodo, or TJDO to the 
dependencies of the project. What I would like to do (in an ideal world :-) 
is run the tests once with Kodo, once with TJDO, etc so I can say that I have 
test coverage against particular implementations. 

Is there a way to add the implementation jar(s) to JUnit's classpath without 
having to put it in the dependencies ?


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