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From "S. Radhakrishnan" <>
Subject RE: Maven beta 10 repository directory
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 12:33:02 GMT

thanks for your solution.. that works fine.. now i am facing with a
different problem.
I am having custom checkstyle properties which will look like,

checkstyle.lcurly.type = nl
checkstyle.lcurly.method = nl
checkstyle.lcurly.other = nl
checkstyle.rcurly = alone
checkstyle.allow.tabs = false
checkstyle.allow.protected = false
checkstyle.allow.package = false = false
checkstyle.max.line.len = 80

Now, building the checkstyle report using Maven 10, it gives me the
following exception. unable to parse
/home/intranet/cvs/metapa/adr/ - Premature end of

however,it was working fine with Maven 9. Is there any other special
consideration for Maven 10??


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"S. Radhakrishnan" <> wrote on 06/08/2003 06:33:54

> Hi,
> I have now installed Maven beta 10 version and trying to generate
> maven site. But some how the repository jar files are not created
> under the maven beta 10 directory. its created in $userhome/.maven
> directory. Means, it is looking for the repositories from
> directory instead of $mavenbeta10dir/repository....
> How to get rid of this.
Please read the documentation, specifically:

And the entry on maven.repo.local.

Please set that property in your ${user.home}/ file to
whereever you want your repo to be.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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