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From "Aaron Robinson" <>
Subject Re: J2EE project : EAR/WAR/JAR - web site generation
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 10:04:19 GMT

Where did you find the J2EE maven articles? I'm very interested in seeing 
how J2EE and maven work together and have the same project granularity 
issues as you. Perhaps we can help each other.


>From: Andy Jefferson <>
>Reply-To: "Maven Users List" <>
>Subject: J2EE project : EAR/WAR/JAR - web site generation
>Date: 12 Jul 2003 21:47:25 +0100
>I have a J2EE project, and currently have things under one Maven
>project. I have been building with Ant, but want to swap to Maven for
>more than just project management and site generation. Reading of
>various articles suggests that I split the current project as follows
>Top level project     - depends on JAR, WAR, builds EAR
>Child bean project    - builds JAR
>Child web-app project - depends on JAR, builds WAR
>So I set up project.xml for each, and I already have template
>project.xml files set up.
>For a normal project, I get web site docs with a navigation section
>"Project Documentation".
>What would I get for the resultant project by splitting into the above
>hierarchy ? Would there be 3 sections of 'Project Documentation' for
>beans, web-app, and overall ? Or would I have to put up 3 web sites and
>make my own links between them ?
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