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From did <>
Subject Re: Need suggestions...
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 00:53:34 GMT

I trieds, using b10, to put my tld into src/conf/META-INF/

However the tld is not included into the Jar.

I use in my project.xml the following setup:
<!-- build information for the project -->

<includes><include>**/*</include> </includes>
<excludes><exclude>**/*.java</exclude> </excludes>


But got no tld on my jar. Only:
0 Thu Jul 17 02:51:18 CEST 2003 META-INF/
430 Thu Jul 17 02:51:16 CEST 2003 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
0 Thu Jul 10 22:22:14 CEST 2003 META-INF/LICENSE.txt
279 Thu Jul 17 02:51:16 CEST 2003 META-INF/INDEX.LIST

Any idea?


Brian Ewins wrote:

> did wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We are developping a JSP taglib project. In this project we would 
>> like to provide the following artifacts:
>> - The taglib jar
>> - The Tld definition file
>> - A sample web site demonstrating the lib features. (A War containing 
>> the some extra java classes + the taglib jar + JSP resources)
>> How can I drive Maven to generate 2 Artifacts (the jar and the demo 
>> war) ?
>> What is the ideal directory layout?
>> What is the related project.xml configuration?
>> I thought of something like:
>> src\
>> src\conf\file.tld
>> src\java\com.myproject....
>> src\webapp\WEB-INF\...
>> src\samples\com.myproject.samples....
> src\
> src\conf\META-INF\taglib.tld
> src\main\com\myproject....
> JSP taglibs are designed so that if the tld is in the jar's META-INF, 
> you don't need to distribute it separately, or declare it in your 
> web.xml. In JSP 1.2 + 2.0, any .tld in META-INF is recognized this 
> way, but in older JSP 1.1 systems only 'META-INF/taglib.tld' is 
> recognized. Best practice is therefore to name your taglib as shown 
> above.
> Distributing the tld in the jar is definitely the way to go as you 
> guarantee that your jar and tld are in sync, and simplifies use of the 
> taglib - no web.xml hacking. To use it just make sure that when you do:
> <%@taglib prefix="foo" uri="http://some/uri/i/just/made/up"%>
> in your JSP, the uri must match the uri in your TLD file. Best 
> practice is to use the same URI for every version of your taglib, so 
> that clients can drop a new version into their webapp without editing 
> any files.
> I used 'main' not 'java' for the source dir above; you'll notice a lot 
> of the plugins are now written that way. The point is that if you have 
> e.g. 'java', 'test', 'webapp' - then 'test' contains java as well; and 
> why would 'webapp' not be called 'jsp' or 'velocity'..... 'main' is a 
> slightly better description. This isnt a hard & fast rule though, just 
> a suggestion.
> You should also consider using xdoclet to generate your tld.
>> Does it makes sense?
>> Also notes I would not like to create 2 different projects with a 
>> reactor because the final artifact is just the Jar. The War is only 
>> for a demo and I think we should not distribute it in a binary 
>> repository. ... However....
> I could go on to describe how to get this jar included in your demo 
> webapp (a postGoal of war:webapp would be the way to go in b10, plus 
> code to compile your 'extra' classes...) but frankly it is a lot 
> easier to do with two projects and the reactor[1]. Don't fight what 
> works.
> Its also useful to use the demo project for testing, e.g. using 
> Cactus. Your setup will become horrendously complex if you try to do 
> this while still working around generating the second artifact.
> Hope this helps
> -Baz
>> Thanks for your help and for this great tools that is Maven!
>> Didier.
> [1] it would be a little simpler if war:webapp built wars using the 
> jar rather than the separate classes; but thats not how it works. You 
> can also make building a demo webapp simpler if you keep the tld in 
> the .war, not the .jar - all your 'preGoal' would need to do then is 
> compile the extra code. But while this second approach makes building 
> your demo app easier, it makes using/distributing your taglib harder. 
> Whats more, the demo wouldn't be demoing the taglib as people would 
> actually use it, i.e. by having the jar in the webapp, since it has 
> the expanded classes.
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