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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Re: Site/Multiproject plugins
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 08:31:59 GMT
Thanks for your reply ... very useful.

On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 08:00, Rafal Krzewski wrote:
> The plugin is able to generate links for you, but the usage of this
> feature is not really straightforward ATM. You have two options
> 1) If you don't have any custom xdocs in your top level project delete
> the navigation.xml file - you'll get one containting 'Projects' menu
> with linkst to the subprojects, and well known 'Project docmentation'
> for the top level project.
> 2) If you have the xdocs in the top level project you must provide a
> velocity template for generating the navigation with subproject links.
> You need to grab one of the files from
> and fill them in with your custom links. You need to put your copy into
> the ${basedir}/multiproject/navigation.xml location. I personally think
> it should better be ${basedir}/xdocs/multiproject-navigation.xml, I'm
> going to file an issue for that.

Yes, this works for me (but see below also). I'd also agree with the
naming of the navigation.xml file ... having a separate directory
doesn't make sense - keep the website definition documents in a single

> I've never used xdoclet but I think it's a major issue for anyone who
> is. Consider filing a bug report. As a stop-gap solution you should be
> able to fix it in your maven.xml with a <preGoal> tag.

Added to JIRA as MAVEN-586

> > c). How do I get anything to appear under the "Project Info"->"Issue
> > Tracking" link ? Is there a section in project.xml for this ? (couldnt
> > find one).
> <project>
>     ....
>     <issueTrackingUrl>the url</issueTrackingUrl>
> </project>

Yep. I'm blind ... I had that tag in my project.xml but couldn't see it

> > [e. had to omit the main project from the multiproject generation
> > because of the bug spotted by Rafal Krzewski. - will be perfect when we
> > can enable this again, because at the moment it is ignoring generating
> > my own documentation for the top-level project].
> Your documentation is processed. The issue was showing up if you told
> maven to process it twice: as the super project, and one of the sub 
> projects at the same time. Just look into target/docs and find the
> generated .html files. The problem is that links to the won't show up
> unless you provide ${basedir}/multiproject/navigation.xml file (see
> above).

The other issue is that, while (with the use of
multiproject/navigation.xml) it will generate the index.html with this
extra navigation, it doesn't apply it to my own xdocs in the top-level
project (instead it uses xdocs/navigation.xml, which doesn't have the
Projects menu section). I'll have to have a more detailed look at this
because generated-xdocs/navigation.xml is the multiproject version. I'll
try to workaround it.

> I have another idea for solving the issue of navigation generation.
> Multiproject plugin could add a <subprojects-menu> tag to the 
> navigation.xml schema. The menu would be written to 
> target/generated-xdocs/subprojects-menu.xml and itegrated in the proper 
> place by the site's stylesheet in the xdoc plugin. I think this would
> be a much cleaner solution that what we have now. I'll look into
> implementing this, but I'll need to learn more about manipulating 
> xml/DOM under jelly so this will take some time, unless someone more
> experienced steps in to help.

That would better modularise the sub-project part, and make it more
amenable to adding. It would be nice if we had that for the "Project
Documentation" section also in the long run, allowing people to position
these 2 sections of navigation where they want in their navigation.xml
by putting a reference in there ...
<document name="MyApp">

      <menu name="My Options">


      <menu name="Something else">

Good to see we're agreeing on the direction this ought to go in.


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