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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Re: 1.0 beta 10 : Repositories
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 06:37:15 GMT
On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 22:08, Jason van Zyl wrote:
> The default value for maven.repo.local is now defined in the
> file and it has a value of:
> ${maven.home.local}/repository
> This will default to
> ~/.maven/repository
> So you can override the value of maven.repo.local to set it to whatever
> you desire but it now defaults to ~/.maven/repository to enable to use
> of shared repositories.

Thanks Jason,

I've set ~/ and it finds the shared repository and
downloads into that. The next problem I have is that I have 2


In beta9 this went to the repository and found

In beta10 this finds the 

BUT complains about the second one and seems to be looking for

Is this correct behaviour ? Why is it putting the groupId as a prefix
for the second one yet didn't add it on for the first one ?


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