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From Gabriel Bauman <>
Subject Re: ssh or scp on windows
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 18:10:50 GMT
> I wasn't
> sure if putty could be used from the command line, and that is why I was
> asking about other ssh clients.

Oh! Well, you want to use "plink.exe" or "pscp.exe" instead of putty.exe 
on the command line.

To execute a command on the remote host:
plink -ssh user@host 'remote_commands_to_execute'

To copy a file to a remote host:
pscp c:\local\file.ext

To copy a file from a remote host
pscp c:\local\

I have never done deployment quite the way you seem to be doing it, so I 
can't really comment, but my custom deployment stuff in my maven.xml is 
along the lines of:

<goal name="myproject:deploy"
         description="Deploy stuff">
         <attainGoal name="war"/>
             | Deploying WAR file.                                   |

         <ant:exec dir="." 
             <ant:arg line="-C -r -q 

where maven.scp.executable is 'pscp'.

Hope that helps.


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