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From Peter Lynch <>
Subject Re: Maven and Cygwin
Date Sun, 25 May 2003 22:12:26 GMT

Pablo Jejcic wrote:
> List,
> 	I am having a strange problem. We are behind a firewall and we use a
> proxy to connect to the internet.
> 	Now, I installed maven in two machines, like this:
> 1) A Solaris9 Machine, usual installation, and configure the
> in the home directory of the user.
> 2) A windows200 with Cygwin in which Maven is working outside our network
> using a telephone connection, but for some strange reason when I configure
> the in that machine with the same parameters than in the
> Solaris machine, it doesn't work.
> 	So, Anyone know why is this happening? And how can I fix it?
> Thanks a lot in advance.

Where did you put the file on the windows Machine? 
Maven looks in the Java user.home system property. So putting in /home/<your home dir> in cygwin will not work.

Put it instead in your Windows's home dir.

Bottom line make sure that the is actually being found.


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