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From Konstantin Priblouda <>
Subject RE: URLs of maven Documentation
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 08:19:34 GMT

--- Eelco Hillenius <>
> It would be great though, to have some documentation
> explaining the main
> flow of execution and (main) available context
> variables, so that
> developpers can have a quick insight, and know what
> the original developers
> had in mind instead of guessing for it. I think a
> few good (javadoc) package
> descriptions would do the job.

I agree  that learning maven is hard  when you start
But working maven setup for some OS project is great -

everything works like charm.

Now I would not like to miss maven in may daily
developer job. But I'm in happy position -. I'm
project leader, and I'm responsible fot tool choice
and process organisation. And believe me - if you
learned maven. it's easier to organize development
process for 
agile and spatially distributed team. 

I do not have to worry that your partners from other
company have outdated jars or wrong version - 
if build goes bad - just checkout fresh sources
and do clean rebuild....

However, main problem of maven is that error
information is not easily available - you can not easy
say where shit happened in jelly script. 
And what jelly script it was :)


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