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From "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <>
Subject Tapestry and Maven - help requested
Date Sat, 17 May 2003 11:59:18 GMT
I'm looking to convert the Tapestry project from Ant to Maven, and I'm just 
getting started.

Here's a few issues:

1) Multiple source roots

The main JAR (tapestry-3.0.jar) is built from framework/src.
An auxiliary JAR (tapestry-contrib-3.0.jar) is built from contrib/src.
There are several examples as well that build WARs, EJB modules, and even an 

So far, I've only seen one place to specify a source root, inside the <build> 

It looks like you use something called "reactor" to build sub projects?

Will JavaDoc properly cross-reference?

2) JUnit / Clover

Tapestry makes use of Jakarta commons-logging.  My Ant-based scripts run the 
JUnit test suite twice, with two different  One run has all 
logging turned off, the other has it all on (but redirected to a file).  This 
is to give me proper code coverage of all those:

  if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) LOG.debug("...")

3) DocBook --> HTML, PDF

Tapestry converts DocBook XML to both chunked HTML and PDF.  Can you direct me 
to some examples of how to organize this?


I gotta say, the idea of distributing Tapestry sans libraries is very, very 
nice.  Automatically downloading the dependencies is much better than bundling 
them.  I can see me being a convert, if I can get things working in short 

BTW ... I'm writing a book on Tapestry right now for Manning.  Part of it will 
be a discussion of building projects using Ant and Tapestry.  If I can get 
some help, I can make those (as yet, unwritten) sections be about building 
using Maven and Tapestry.


Tapestry: Java Web Components

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