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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: runtime dependencies and cascaded downloads
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 13:46:33 GMT
On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 01:01, John Casey wrote:
> In the past I've seen some traffic on the developer's list regarding the
> resolution of transitive runtime dependencies for a particular project,
> and I was wondering if there were any solid plans/thoughts/etc. on how
> this is to be done?  
> The project I'm working on is a set of components with a common source
> tree and branding, etc. but which have definite interdependencies. 
> These components each have a project.xml, and each build into their
> respective jar files.  
> The sticking point is that while the first order dependencies listed in
> the project.xml are adequate for building a particular jar, the
> transitive dependencies must also be satisfied in any distribution I put
> together, before the code will actually run.  This means that the dist
> goals must download/copy the first-order dependencies (the "build"
> dependencies), PLUS download/copy any transitive dependencies which the
> first-order deps in turn depend on at runtime (the "runtime"
> dependencies).  
> Clearly, this is frought with a certain peril, since one could easily
> find himself d/l'ing the entire internet to create one dist, but with
> proper care and planning, this type of architecture provides for really
> good flexibility...
> Does anyone have any thoughts?

Been discussed and has been noted that this really can't start until we
start getting POMs uploaded to the repository. This won't be easy until
the admin app is in place. The start of building distributions/runtimes
with transitive dependencies is in the plexus plugin which walks the
POMs basically and finds all the dependencies for a project. Eventually
a shared database will be created with all sorts of useful information
like project dependencies, URLs (for dependency display) and who knows
what else. The first step is getting the information we need.

> Thanks in advance,
> John
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Jason van Zyl

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