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From Philip Crotwell <>
Subject jdk1.4.1 and xalan
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 15:12:50 GMT


I've noticed that xalan 2.4.1 is out, but the ibiblio repository only has

But my real question is with using xalan with maven in java 1.4.
Apparently sun is including xalan 2.2 with java 1.4.1, and hence if you
want to use xalan 2.4, or even 2.3, you have to put the xalan, xerces and
xml-apis jars into the bootclasspath. See

I suppose I could edit the maven script, or even use the "endorsed
standards override mechanism" to accomplish it for myself, but one of the
things I really like about maven is that the jar dependancies are in the
project file and are managed for me.

It seems to me that one way to resolve these type of issues would be to
allow a <bootclasspath/> element, or something similar, within the
<dependency> tags. I suppose that maven would have to fork the javac
process in order to take advantage of this, but at least it would keep
the information in one place.

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?


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