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From "Jeffrey D. Brekke" <>
Subject Re: proposal to remove test:test dependency
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 03:36:46 GMT

One of the Maven's strengths is the adherence to current best practices.  
Programmer tests running before a deliverable is created is one of the 
practices that Maven has stuck with from the beginning.

I agree with dion's post that if someone is interested in this 
feature, provide a switch or some way to bypass the tests, but it should 
never be the default and probably not able to be set globally ( i.e. in, thus turning off tests for all maven projects you 
build ).  But I would not recommend this choice.

Another option would be to make sure that your tests are fast.  I think 
that commons-collections has massive tests and they run in a very short 
amount of time.  We've had to partition our tests into programmer tests ( 
what is generally thought of as unit tests ) and programmer-integration 
tests ( tests that depend on external systems like a db ).  The 
integration tests wouldn't run at each build, but maybe after all jars 
have been built another pass is made running the integration tests.

Another thing that I've noticed is the ant batch test task is slow, even 
slower when the test are forked.  We've used TestSuite to help with speed 
problems also.

I Hope this helps,


On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Matt Ho wrote:

> Can I suggest that we remove the 
> 	<attainGoal name="test:test"/>
> task for the war:war target?  It seems inappropriate to force all the
> unit tests to be run just to build the war file.  It seems to me that
> users are always able to call 
> 	maven test:test
> explicitly.  Having war:war call test:test means that:
> 	* if you have a lot of unit tests, this can be an extremely long
> 	  operation.  This can be especially painful if all you want to
> do
> 	  is rebuild the war file after making a minor modification
> 	* if the machine you intend to perform builds on is not
> configured
> 	  to run the tests, you can't build the war file
> Any comments would be appreciated :)
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> Matt Ho
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> Indigo Egg, Inc.
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