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From "Chan, Charles" <>
Subject RE: maven newbie questions
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 19:10:41 GMT
Hi, I think I can answer for myself but I have got more questions. :)

1. I can access the dependencies jars from within maven.xml by using the
${pom.dependencies} variable. I can iterate over the list. However, how do I
reference a particluar one? e.g. I want to use only EJBGen jar file.

2. Still not sure about this one.

3. Yes, project.xml supports Jelly.

Can someone help me with 1 and 2?


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From: Chan, Charles []
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 11:45 AM
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Subject: maven newbie questions

Hi, I am new to Maven.. As I tried to migrate my Ant scripts to Maven, I
have some questions:

1. My project uses EJBGen, so I figured that the only way to migrate my
EJBGen task to Maven is to define a "goal" in "maven.xml". My question is,
when I am in "maven.xml", how do I know the dependency JAR files defined in

2. I have several projects that uses EJBGen too, how can I share "maven.xml"
across them all? Some posting in the mailing list suggested Reactor but I
don't understand how reactor works...

4. Does project.xml understands Jelly tags?

Any help is appreciated.

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