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Subject Crash in xdoc:jelly-transform when navigation.xml is available!
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 11:27:25 GMT
Hello again,

When I do a site:generate of my local project (not under source control)
without a navigation.xml available in my xdocs folder, the process is
successfull. However when there is a navigation file, maven crashes with the
following output:

    [echo] Generating C:/Development/Workspace/Local
Website/target/docs/cvs-usage.html from C:\Deve
lopment\Workspace\Local Website\target\generated-xdocs\cvs-usage.xml

[ERROR] unknown protocol: c Nested exception: unknown protocol: c
Total time:  4 seconds

If one needs more output, please ask so. BTW, I have triple-checked the
contents of my navigation.xml file and it is OK. I even copied Maven's
navigation.xml and stripped it down to a bare minimum. No success.

Any idea?



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