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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: How to skip changelog step in site:generate?
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:20:21 GMT wrote:
>>The site.jelly (in the xdoc plugin) already just tests to see if the 
> site.jelly? I only have the plugin.jelly in folder 
> maven-site-plugin-1.1-SNAPSHOT.

site.jelly is in the xdoc plugin (maven-xdoc-plugin-1.3-SNAPSHOT), not 
the site plugin.

>>       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="changelog"/></catch>
> For the moment, I only wrapped the changelog goal as above. Retried invoking
> Maven and got the following results (only last lines are displayed):
> Why is the catch tag unprocessed?

Because I made a dumb mistake? :)

Try changing it to:
<j:catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="changelog"/></j:catch>


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