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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: How to skip changelog step in site:generate?
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 13:37:54 GMT
It seems to me that the site plugin should be changed so that it doesn't 
fail when /any/ of the reports fail to run, but should simply omit them 
from the site navigation.

The site.jelly (in the xdoc plugin) already just tests to see if the 
reports exist before adding them to the list of available reports[1], so 
all that's required is a change to the site plugin to prevent failure 
when each report fails.

I changed my site plugin's generate goal to look like this:
     description="Generate the web site">

       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="jdepend"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="checkstyle"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="changelog"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="activity"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="javadoc"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="jxr"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="junit-report"/></catch>
       <catch var="ignore"><attainGoal name="tasklist"/></catch>
       <attainGoal name="xdoc"/>


Now, the site gets generated even if the code won't compile (which 
prevents it from creating the junit report)

Hope this helps
Baz wrote:
> Michael,
>>Sure, just remove the following two lines from the file 
>>plugin.jelly under
>>the maven-site-plugin directory:
>>      <attainGoal name="changelog"/>
>>      <attainGoal name="activity"/>
>>Since you don't have a repository, the activity goal will be 
>>of no use to you either.
> Can't I change something in the 'changelog' and 'activity' plugins so they
> don't do anything when the repository information is not there? I'd rather
> not want to change the site plugin since I still have other project that
> *are* under source control.
> Ringo
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