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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: Documentation update.
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 15:48:49 GMT
Nice one dion. A few picky comments, (you did ask...)

There's some missing spaces in the docs. Looking at CVS, its not the 
xdoc thats the problem, but something is stripping all the spaces round 
  '<code>' tags. Is this an issue with the change from DVSL to JSL? I 
see the same problem with links, eg here:

The war docs don't say what the name of the war is that is built. Its 
always ${}.war, but people using the jar tasks might wonder why 
there is no version number in the name? eg how do you make a snapshot 
war available without overwriting the production war. When I started 
with maven I looked for that in the docs, had to read the jelly[1]

Style-wise, it might be better to have the default goal dependency 
stated explicitly, eg 'pom | executes pom:validate', instead of 
repeating the description of the dependent goal

The goals.xml files are clearly generated from the plugin.jelly. It 
seems odd that it is the generated file in CVS rather than the code for 
the goal that did the generation? (as in: add a 'plugin:docs' goal, so 
that if no goals.xml exists, it gets generated from plugin.jelly; this 
would allow for improved handwritten docs later)? But then I think its 
odd that there's no 'plugin' plugin to replace all those duplicated 
maven.xmls.... ;)


[1] BTW I'm not convinced what's been done is the Right Thing; if the 
war file name was a property that could be overridden, then it would be 
easy to write a goal to build (and deploy etc) snapshot/nightly wars. 
Instead, every task explicitly uses ${}.war. This is an issue in 
our environment, where we want different versions of the war available 
centrally for live use and for the testers. I guess I should stop 
moaning and submit patches :) wrote:
> The following plugins have had documentation updated for them:
> jdiff, statcvs, importscrubber, jxr, jdepend, examples, junit-report, 
> aptdoc, jalopy, word2html, cactus, perforce, test, latex, xdoclet, 
> webserver, pom, jnlp, jbuilder, war, struts, license, clover, wizard
> Please check them out at 
> e.g. The docs for the war plugin are at:
> Any and all comments welcomed.
> --
> dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
> Blog:
> Work:

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