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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: Local plugins?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:30:43 GMT wrote:
> Hi Peter
> You could use the maven.xml to 'download' and install a plugin from a 
> repository if it doesn't exist locally. Or you could ship the plugin along 
> with the maven.xml and do the install as part of the maven.xml.

One gotcha - if you ship a plugin that has dependencies, those 
dependencies will not be downloaded when you try to use the plugin. At 
the moment, it seems the only ways to get a downloaded plugin to install 
correctly are:
- build it when you're building maven
- add the plugin dependencies as project dependencies, build your 
project once, then remove the dependencies.

Both of which make shipping a plugin to a group of developers more than 
a little difficult.

Please correct me if I'm wrong - after running into this problem on b7, 
I've been using the 'build with maven' approach on b8 and haven't 
retested the issue since. I had no replies to questions about this at 
the time.

While we're on plugins - I was wondering why there was no 'plugin' 
plugin? Many of the plugins have the same maven.xml (48 out of 56, to be 
precise). Wouldn't it be better to have a standard directory 
structure/build cycle for plugins, like every other kind of project? And 
shouldn't it be a bit more specific than ...

     <copy todir="${assemblyDir}">
       <fileset dir=".">
         <exclude name="**/target/**"/>
         <exclude name="src/**"/>
         <exclude name="maven.xml"/>
         <exclude name="**/*.log"/>
         <exclude name="**/"/>
         <exclude name="announcements/**"/>



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