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From Ciaran Treanor <>
Subject Re: jar:deploy problem
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 15:48:57 GMT
> I had exactly the same probles. In my case it was some kind
> of mismatch between $MAVE_HOME setting and the place where
> I was running the bin/maven script from. Once I brougt these
> two in sync, things got back to normal.

Cool. That worked a treat. Unfortunately I've now hit against
another problem (since I'm building under Cygwin on Win2K).

> java:jar:
>     [echo]
>         Moving e:\ct\eclipse\workspace\rb-quarantine/target/rb-quarantine-1.0.ja
> r to the /var/www/html/maven/rb-quarantine/jars on deckard
>     [echo] deckard -l ctreanor 'mkdir -p /var/www/html/maven/rb-quarantine/jars

That last echo look as if it's missing the word "ssh" in front of deckard.

>     [echo] e:\ct\eclipse\workspace\rb-quarantine/target/rb-quarantine-1.0.jar ct
> reanor@deckard:/var/www/html/maven/rb-quarantine/jars
>     [exec] ssh: e: no address associated with hostname.

Now it looks as if it's getting confused by the windows filename.

>     [echo]
>           Executing  with the username ctreanor on deckard

This looks as if it's executing " " (blank) with username ctreanor on 
deckard. It looks as if ssh is not defined as being the executable
to run - but I thought that it was the default.

Any ideas?


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