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From "Siegfried Göschl" <>
Subject Re: Maven Newbie
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 10:45:59 GMT

(1)	Is Maven the right tool to do this?

I think you have to replace your ANT files to get some MAVEN magic or 
set up a parallel MAVEN build in addition to your existing ANT build. 
If you do more in your builld.xml than just compiling you need some 
JELLY coding for maven.xml - JELLY is ANT compatible .... 

(2) Sample projects

Have a look at 
... there are more Maven enabled projects out there than you are 
willing to play around.

Siegfried Goeschl
IT20one GmbH
phone: +43-1-9900046
fax: +43-1-52 37 888

On 5 Dec 2002 at 21:25, Hari Kodungallur wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to Maven. I am trying out Maven to do the build management
> for our group.
> This is the current scenario. We have multiple modules in the project.
> Each module has an ant build file. I also have a master build file
> which is used to build all the modules, mainly during nightly build.
> We have also started using clover, jalopy and checkstyles. Maintaining
> a master ant file is becoming a cumbersome task with the use of
> multiple tools.
> We don't want to move away from individual module ant build files. We
> would like to use Maven to manage all the individual ant build files
> (as a master build file, sort of) and in addition use the plug-ins
> available for the other tools to do code coverage and code checking
> for all modules.
> My questions are:
> (1)	Is Maven the right tool to do this?
> (2)	If yes, can somebody give me some HOWTOs and also sample project
> descriptors to do this kind of tasks? Anything closely related will be
> very helpful, as either the documentation on Maven's website is too
> little or too confusing to me.
> Thank you very much
> -Hari

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