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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: getting started with an app
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 09:58:24 GMT

Marc Lustig wrote:
> Hi,
> after building turbine from cvs using maven, where can I find adivse how to
> with an?
> -> what parameters need to be adjusted?
from this point on in the user manual:
and most plugin documentation has a 'properties' section that explains 
what properties to set:

> -> how is the directory structure supposed to look like?

> -> how to integrate with tomcat?
if you have a recent tomcat, it comes with ant tasks. These could be 
used in your maven.xml for your project, e.g.:
<project default="tomcat:deploy"

   <!-- does taskdef work ok in jelly? not tried this! -->
   <taskdef name="deploy" 
   <!-- etc. tomcat tasks - collect the whole set! -->

   <goal name="tomcat:deploy" depends="war:war">
     <attainGoal name="war:war"/>
     <install url="${tomcat.manager.url}" username="${tomcat.username}" 


NB the above was quickly thrown together for this reply. It'll get you 
close but you'll need to try this for yourself. NB You will need to 
install the ant tasks as described in the link above.

[note to self: time for a tomcat plugin?]

> -> what is the aquivalent for ant or ant init in maven?
Not sure what you mean. The equivalent of running 'ant' is running 
'maven' but you know this by now. And there's no core task called init 
in maven. Perhaps you mean, how do I set the default goal? See the 
example maven.xml above.

> Thx!
> Marc
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