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From Ara Abrahamian <>
Subject RE: XDoclet + Maven. What's where?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 11:00:44 GMT
> I have also moved the Maven XDoclet plugin documentation and the
> build of
> the plugin itself into XDoclet's CVS. XDoclet's build system now
> produces a
> maven-xdoclet-plugin-1.2b2.jar. -So you can remove the XDoclet plugin
> from
> Maven's CVS.

Ouch! No, don't do that! We'll keep the master copy in xdoclet's cvs
and just submit patches to maven in every release. So Maven will have
an xdoclet maven plugin built-in but the master sources where we change
and play with are in xdoclet's cvs.


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