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From "Age Mooy" <>
Subject RE: Newbie seeking advice on build best practice
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 00:25:53 GMT

> >> As I mentioned before, I want all the classes for all 
> projects to be 
> >> built in the same directory.
> > Why on earth are you doing that?
> To make it easier to debug. This is a web app, so runs within 
> a specific directory on an application server (JBoss). By 
> compiling into this single directory, developers can make 
> quick changes to files without having to redeploy every 
> single time (which gets .really. annoying).
> Better ideas most welcome.

Can I ask why it is necessary for you to compile Turbine, Velocity and
Jetspeed as part of your own project when you can simply depend on the
relevant jar files (SNAPSHOTs if necessary) ?

It seems a very complicated way of going about things... unless you
REALLY depend on code that gets added to those projects on a day to day
basis, which seems quite unlikely.

Just curious.


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