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From "Age Mooy" <>
Subject RE: Newbie question: Jelly syntax
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:13:04 GMT

> So, maybe the problem is the "two level" nature of 
> interact.answer? If, instead of "name", I use "", 
> it doesn't work.

I think you are right.... those expressions are evaluated by Jexl, which
is even less documented than Jelly (and that's saying something). Also,
I think Jexl is still very much under development and contains quite a
few bugs.

Jexl always sees a dot as the start of a method call and gets totally
confused by variable names with a dot in it.... of course this makes a
lot of sense because dots are not valid in Java variable names either. I
think this is just a case of common practices from two different worlds
clashing and we'll have to use some other way to separate the nouns in
our Jelly variables.

I've had similar with calling simple String methods like substring() or
replace() on jelly variables. I've used workarounds until now because I
don't have the time at the moment to look into Jelly/Jexl but I hope
some of the Jelly people add some tutorials to their docs soon.


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