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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: releasing 2.4
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 08:37:22 GMT

On 04/09/2007, at 6:32 PM, Marat Radchenko wrote:

> Hi, Brett.
>> 2007
> That sounds promising :)
>> Welcome!
> Does this mean you'd like me to join? If yes then could you explain
> the process of working on surefire (maybe this should be moved to
> surefire-dev)?

Just the normal contribution process - if you find an issue you can  
take care of drop a comment to say you are working on it, ask  
questions if you are unsure, and submit patches. If you submit enough  
patches to show you know what you are doing on your own, someone will  
give you commit access.

We can certainly continue any discussion on surefire-dev.

>> We currently have a small number of issues to get done for 2.3.1 (see
>> JIRA). This is intended to be the stable release for some time.
> I've seen issues fo 2.3.1 however it doesn't cover many people needs.

Yep, it's just the current "plan", but if you prefer to work on 2.4  
things specifically that's fine of course.

>> 2.4 will focus on getting high test coverage across surefire itself
>> and stabilising TestNG + JUnit 4 support.
> That's what I am interested in

Great - there's a bit of back story - we have 2 branches at present.

Good luck :)


Brett Porter -

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