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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject Integration tests in the new style
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 18:26:01 GMT

I'd appreciate words of feedback regarding revision 596385.  I just 
checked in a surefire integration test in the "new style" as described in 
the wiki here:

Note that if you naively run eclipse:eclipse in 
"surefire-integration-tests" and then try running the tests in Eclipse, 
they'll fail because all of the *.java files are missing.  This is because 
maven-eclipse-plugin will add the src/test/resources folder as a "source 
folder" on the Source tab, excluding *.java, instead of as a "class 
folder" on the Libraries tab.  (I think I filed an issue on 
maven-eclipse-plugin for this a while ago.)

You can get the tests to pass in Eclipse by removing the source folder and 
re-adding it as a class folder, or by running the tests from the command 
line first and re-running them in Eclipse at your leisure.


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