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From Richard Hoberman <>
Subject How to specify username for release plugin with Maven Scm 1.3 Git provider?
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 23:32:13 GMT
Release notes for Maven Scm 1.3 include the bug fix:  * [*SCM*-516] -
git provider doesn't respect *username* in settings.xml

However, I can't mvn+scm+release+git to honour my settings file.  I
think my problem may lie with the id I'm using for the server, but I
don't know what it should be.

More details below.  Please help.


In particular, I find this post confusing:
There is no obvious connection between the developerConnection and any
of the server ids.   (My release server settings for Nexus are picked up

POM contains:


My settings file contains:


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