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From "Berwanger, Christian" <>
Subject Switch off CVS log messages
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 16:44:09 GMT


I have a problem that I want to switch off the fetch of cvs log
messages. I found in the SCM API following function at the class



     * Called when the server wants to send a message to be displayed to

     * user. The message is only for information purposes and clients

     * choose to ignore these messages if they wish.


     * {@inheritDoc}


    public void messageSent( MessageEvent e )


        String line = e.getMessage();

        StringBuffer stream = e.isError() ? stderr : stdout;


        if ( e.isTagged() )


            String message = MessageEvent.parseTaggedMessage(
taggedLine, e.getMessage() );

            if ( message != null )



                stream.append( message ).append( "\n" );







            stream.append( line ).append( "\n" );






How you see in the comment of the function the capture of that messages
could be switch off. But I didn't found anywhere a comment how this can
be achieved.


Thx for answering.



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