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From Knut Forkalsrud <>
Subject scm cvs provider native java implementation?
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 02:25:14 GMT
I'm trying to get maven2 (version 2.0.6) working and I can't get the CVS 
integration to work.  It seems to insist on using the native cvs command 
line program every time.  The documentation at claims the default is a native Java 
implementation, but that can be overridden with a system property.

My scm url is:
I'm on Mac OSX (10.4.9)

I moved my command line cvs client out of the way by renaming it to 
"cvs2", and now the following scm commands:

mvn -Dmaven.scm.provider.cvs.implementation=cvs -Dusername=knut scm:status
mvn -Dmaven.scm.provider.cvs.implementation=cvs_native -Dusername=knut 

both fail with messages:

[INFO] Cannot run status command :
Embedded error: Exception while executing SCM command.
cvs: not found

I tried to find more detailed information, without any direct luck.  My 
guess is that the following source lines are supposed to make the 

Do anyone have any hints for me on how I can make the Java based CVS 
integration work?

Thanks in advance,

Knut Forkalsrud

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